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    Hair Treatment

    We use Wella Professional SP Treatment products for our hair treatment services. The SP treatment gives your hair a "TWO benefits in ONE" luxurious treatment. Whether you want volume, shine, colour protection, hydration or repair, this bespoke treatment is specifically tailored to target both your hair wants and needs. During your free complimentary consultation, your stylist will work with you to identify the right product for your hair care.

    Head Spa

    Healthy growth of hair begins with cleansing and repairing its foundation - the scalp, which is analogous to the need for a fertile soil to produce nutrient-rich vegetables. A healthy scalp is also achieved through physical and mental relaxation.

    We use "Clay Esthe" from Japan which provides mineral and moisture for the scalp, as well as cleansing the dirt out of the scalp pores. It's important to look after your scalp in order to maintain a beautiful & healthy hair.


    with Blowdry without Blowdry   Note
    SP Express Colour Treatment - $23   We recommend combining this service with other services that include a wash and blow-dry. 
    SP Deep Moisturising Treatment $65 -
    SP Deep Moisturising Treatment ( XL ) $81 -
    Japanese Rejuvenating Head Spa ( Ladies ) $73 -
    Japanese Rejuvenating Head Spa ( Ladies XL ) $89 -
    Japanese Rejuvenating Head Spa ( Men ) $57 -
    Wellaplex - From $28

    This is a basic guide, the exact length we use for pricing also depends on the thickness of your hair.