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    The product we use for our Permanent Straightening is "Cosme Cream" of ARIMINO (Brand) from Japan. The Cosme Cream can control unmanageable hair and frizzy hair and gently transform them to nice and smooth straight hair.

    The hair softening ingredient “Cysteamine” and treatment are blended in the best balance. As the two main ingredients inside the product, too much cysteamine will damage the hair, or too much treatment will not be effective to straighten the hair.

    There are 3 products in this range, and they are designed for different damage level of hair conditions, this ensures the best result for everyone.

    Compared to normal permanent straightening products which create a dry feeling to your hair, and treatment needs to be done separately to restore the healthiness of hair. Cosme Cream gives a result like you had the treatment done as well, and it has a minimum chemical smell to show how gentle the product is.

    Thanks to this advanced product, it’s possible to have colour done at the same time. As normal products make hair very dry, and you will need a few weeks time in between colour and permanent straightening to prevent hair damage.

    For Mobile Users:
    The price table might get messy on a mobile screen, please make sure "rotate" is enabled on your device and view the page sideways (landscape).

    Short Medium Long Xtra Long
    Japanese Treatment Straightening $252 $279 $306 $350
    Shiseido Smoothing Straightening $247 $275 $305 $349
    Fringe & Side ( without wash & blowdry ) $103 $103 $103 $103
    Only Fringe ( without wash & blowdry ) $52 $52 $52 $52
    Add-on Ladies Hair Cut
    (add to any of the above services)

    Trim $45
    (normally $68)

    Restyle $59
    (normally $78)

    This is a basic guide, the exact length we use for pricing also depends on the thickness of your hair.
    For hair length longer than Xtra-Long, XXL price will apply.