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    Perm is a great way to give you a new look. It adds curls or waves and boosts more volume to flat or straight hair. Perming can absolutely give hair some bounce and make you enjoy styling every day!

    The product we use for our cold perm is "Cosme Curl" of ARIMINO from Japan. The advantage of this product is that they are really gentle, which causes much less damage to your hair. The gentleness does not reduce the power of it to create bouncy curls and soft texture. The usual after perm chemical smell is reduced to the minimum. ARIMINO's brand motto is to pursue "damage-free" and "fun of hair design”.

    Note: Whether your hair is suitable for perming is depend on your hair condition, please have a free complimentary consultation with us before start perming.

    For Mobile Users: 
    The price table might get messy on a mobile screen, please make sure "rotate" is enabled on your device and view the page sideways (landscape).

    Medium Long Xtra Long
    Japanese Treatment Perm & Cut $168 $189 $212 $237
    Men's Japanese Treatment Perm & Cut $159 $174 - -
    Spiral Perm & Cut $206 $249 $275 $299
    Japanese Digital Perm & Cut - $249 $276 $319
    Digital Perm & Roots Straightening & Cut - $394 $442 $489
    Senior Perm & Cut $145 - - -
    Point Perm ( without wash & blowdry ) $84 - - -
    Roots Perm ( without wash & blowdry ) $64 - - -
    Fringe Perm ( without wash & blowdry ) $43 - - -

    This is a basic guide, the exact length we use for pricing also depends on the thickness of your hair.