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    Mamika was born in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to New Zealand during her high school years. Currently, she's pursuing her passion for hairdressing, studying at Hito and Ara, where she's already earned a Level 3 and 4 NZ certificate. Her current goal is to achieve a full qualification in Hairdressing.

    As an apprentice, Mamika finds joy in performing various hair services, with a particular fondness for hair colouring. Seeing her clients' satisfaction and excitement with their new styles and colours brings her immense happiness. Her ultimate aim as a hairstylist is to create the perfect look that aligns with each client's desires while also building strong relationships with them through the art of hair styling.

    During her leisure time, Mamika enjoys the comfort of her home, indulging in baking, sewing, and watching movies or YouTube. At the same time, she values moments spent outdoors, socialising with friends, and enjoying shopping excursions.


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