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    Chisa Nagakura
    Director & Senior Stylist

    Chisa is the co-founder and director of MISOLA Hair & Style.

    She has worked in the hair industry in Japan for 6 years before coming to New Zealand, and has then worked in various hair salons in Christchurch for another 6 years before opening MISOLA in 2016. She has until now, accumulated an extensive hairdressing experience of over 18 years.

    Chisa studied hairdressing at the Sassoon Academy in London in 2006, and she also gained first place in a haircut competition in the large Japanese city of Sapporo in 2009.

    Her passion is to make people feel confident, beautiful and happy through hairdressing. Her warm and hospitable personality is why her clients love seeing her on a regular basis.

    Chisa highly appreciates that every day at MISOLA presents an opportunity to work with and educate her clients, using the personal warmth and innovative techniques that are synonymous with the MISOLA name to deliver premium results.

    In private, Chisa loves baking bread and cakes, mountain biking, watching Netflix & Japanese anime and spending time with her daughter.


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