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    Chisa Nagakura
    Director & Senior Hairdresser

    Chisa is the owner and director of MISOLA Hair & Style. She has worked in the hair industry in Japan for 6 years and also worked in various hair salons in Christchurch for another 6 years before opening MISOLA.

    Chisa studied hairdressing at the Sassoon Academy in London in 2006. Chisa also gained first place in a cutting competition in the large Japanese city of Sapporo in 2009.

    Her passion is to make people feel confident, beautiful and happy through hairdressing. Her warm and hospitable personality is why her clients love seeing her on a regular basis.

    Chisa highly appreciates that every day at MISOLA presents an opportunity to work with and educate her clients, using the personal warmth and innovative techniques that are synonymous with the MISOLA name to deliver premium results.



    Kayori (Kay)
    Senior Hairdresser 

    Kayori has been with MISOLA ever since it first opened it's doors in 2015.

    With more than 10 years of hairdressing experience up her sleeve, she is able to cater for many different styles. She is also an expert in colour matching which allows her to suggest and create the right tone of hair colour to match the tone of your skin and fashion.

    Kayori listens to her customers carefully, and quickly grasps what the customer is wanting to achieve. She is also great at providing precise recommendations based on her extensive knowledge and experience.

    Her attention to detail and her emphasis on making sure that all her customers leave with satisfaction are some of many reasons why she continues to build strong rapport with her customers.


    Yuriko Nashiba
    Senior Hairdresser

    Yuriko has been working in the Japanese hairdressing industry for more than 15 years. She is experienced in all aspects of hair care. Yuriko loves all things beauty, she has learned esthetic and aromatherapy in Japan, which gives her the ability to provide advice to her customers on both the skin and hair. 

    She is constantly excited to meet new people and enjoys helping her customers to achieve a beautiful look. And she is quite popular for her amazing head spa.

    Personally, she loves Zumba, cycling and cooking delicious Japanese cuisine.


    Senior Hairdresser

    After graduated from a beauty school in Japan, Mana started working as a hair stylist in Nagoya in 2004. She had developed her skill and experience for more than 10 years, before moving to Canada for further improvement. Mana then learned the different hair characteristics, styles, and preferences of people with various cultural backgrounds for a few years in Canada.

    Mana joined Misola team in 2017 and soon became popular based on her good reputation and confidence of hairdressing.

    Mana is meticulous in details and is rich in perspective making full use of her international experience. She specializes in short length haircuts and Balayage colourings as well as making the hairstyle match the look and lifestyle of her clients.

    Outside of work, she enjoys snowboarding, tramping in the amazing New Zealand nature and traveling around the world.


    Tatsushi (Hase) Hasegawa
    Senior Hairdresser

    Hase has worked as a hairstylist in Tokyo’s upmarket shopping district “Ginza” since 2007.

    He started his hairdressing career at Mod’s Hair, and after been working there for 4 years, he then became a freelancing hairstylist and makeup artist. In the following 8 years, Hase had further improved his skill and built up a great reputation in Ginza.

    His extensive experience gives him the ability to create a wide range of cutting styles and he normally doesn't use thinning scissors to create subtle texture and shape. He also likes to work with customers to find the best style to suit them based on their personal and lifestyle.

    Hase is also specialised in digital perm technique and permanent straightening with minimum damage. In addition, he has learned inner muscle training and stretching for health care and beauty. He has a Barefoot Training Specialist License by the EBFA.

    Hase enjoys hairdressing and building relationships with his customers. Whether it’s haircare, creating a new style or any hair issues, he is someone who can be relied upon for sound and honest advice.

    Personally, Hase loves to play with his son and daughter, watch and play soccer and enjoy the beautiful nature of New Zealand.